What Is A Senior Assassin?

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As high school traditions evolve, so do the creative and often intense games that students engage in to commemorate their final year. One such tradition that has gained popularity is “Senior Assassin.” In this blog post, we’ll explore what Senior Assassin is, how it’s played, and the varying perspectives on this spirited activity.

What Is A Senior Assassin?

  • Objective:

Senior Assassin is an elaborate and competitive game played by high school seniors. The primary objective is for participants to “assassinate” or eliminate their assigned targets while avoiding being eliminated themselves. The game typically unfolds over a set period, adding an element of suspense and strategy to the final weeks of the school year.

  • Organization:

The game is organized by students or sometimes sanctioned by the school as a senior class activity. Participants are assigned targets discreetly, and the excitement lies in the challenge of tracking down and “assassinating” their targets without being caught in the process.

  • Rules and Guidelines:

While the specific rules can vary, common elements include restrictions on where and when “hits” can occur, such as during school hours or on school grounds. The use of water guns or other harmless props is often encouraged to maintain safety.

  • Elimination and Progression:

When a participant successfully “assassinates” their target, they inherit the target’s assignments and continue playing until only one participant remains. The last person standing is typically declared the winner and may receive recognition or a prize.

Controversy Surrounding Senior Assassin:

  • Safety Concerns:

Critics argue that Senior Assassin can pose safety risks, as participants may engage in activities that distract them from school responsibilities or compromise their own safety. The use of water guns in public spaces can also lead to misunderstandings and potential confrontations.

  • Disruption to School Environment:

Some schools and administrators view Senior Assassin as a disruption to the learning environment. Concerns about students being preoccupied with the game rather than focusing on their studies have led to the banning of Senior Assassin in some educational institutions.

  • Inclusivity Issues:

Another criticism centers around the potential for exclusion and feelings of discomfort among students who choose not to participate or who may feel targeted. The intensity of the game can create an atmosphere that is not inclusive for all seniors.

  • Legal Implications:

In some instances, the nature of the game may lead to legal concerns. Misunderstandings or unintended consequences, even with the use of harmless props, can result in disciplinary actions or legal consequences for participants.

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Positive Perspectives:

  • Bonding and Tradition:

Advocates for Senior Assassin argue that, when executed responsibly, the game can foster a sense of camaraderie and tradition among seniors. It provides an opportunity for students to create lasting memories and build connections before graduating.

  • Stress Relief:

The final year of high school can be stressful, with college applications, exams, and looming adulthood. Proponents of Senior Assassin believe that the game offers a lighthearted and enjoyable outlet for students to unwind and have fun during a transitional period in their lives.

  • Skill Development:

The strategic and competitive nature of Senior Assassin can be seen as a way for students to develop planning, communication, and teamwork skills. Participants must navigate social dynamics and engage in critical thinking to outwit opponents.


Senior Assassin is a tradition that has sparked both enthusiasm and controversy within the realm of high school experiences. While the game can be a source of joy, bonding, and memorable moments for some, it also raises valid concerns about safety, inclusivity, and its potential impact on the school environment. The debate over whether Senior Assassin is a cherished tradition or a problematic activity highlights the complexity of balancing fun and responsibility in the final days of high school. As schools continue to navigate the evolving landscape of senior traditions, finding a balance that ensures the well-being and inclusivity of all students remains a crucial consideration.


What Is The Senior Assassin?

Senior Assassin (SA) is when a bunch of seniors pool money together for the last one standing to win it all. Players can use any form of water to eliminate a target, like a water balloon or a water bottle, but most just use a plastic water gun.

Why Is Senior Assassin Bad?

In other words, while the game is all in fun and not inherently dangerous, your child could end up seriously injured or worse if they encounter police in this manner. They may also run across a scared homeowner with a gun, or a 100-pound dog trying to protect her yard.

Is Senior Assassin Banned?

Given the game is not school-sanctioned, nor does it frequently occur on campus, Delaware schools have not weighed in. Elsewhere across the country, however, school districts have prohibited the game from being played on campuses and issued warnings about its potential for danger.

What Are High School Assassins?

Senior Assassin, also known as Senior Tag, Killer Game and Catcher Games, is a live action game commonly played by high school seniors and university students. The game lasts for multiple weeks and every player is assigned a target (another player) that they have to tag.

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